crafted by photobiz

Normally i try to keep it professional and to the point but here I'm going off script a little. These images mean everything to me. I consider them something akin to breadcrumbs, evidence that at one point I drifted by a given place at a given time, and snapped a photo. Evidence I, and the subject, existed...

So these are one of a kind. Printed typically 40 inches in length on archival rag paper, and (almost) all shot on FILM. Signed and numbered, archival framing under museum quality glass. I'm not playing around with these.

I have two series I am working on. One on Memphis and one on the Mississippi Delta, which has become something of a passion of mine.

50 images in each set. No 40 inch singed copies of any images. You buy it, you have the only one.

Enjoy the breadcrumbs.